Board approves non-traditional classes


Knott county youth who are unable to attend classes due to extreme hardship may now be able to complete required courses in a nontraditional way. This is due to the Drop Out Prevention Program that the Knott County Board of Education members approved in Monday’s meeting.

Director of Pupil Personnel Steve Richardson said, “Giving students with extreme hardships a chance to complete courses and get a diploma has been dear to my heart for a long time. I called the state and said it is not acceptable that the Averaged Freshman Graduation Rate is 77.1%. I need help. We have a large number of 18 year olds that quit school and after 6 months or a year some want

to come back. I don’t think it is good to put them back in traditional classrooms. We are working to divert to performance based (learning for these students).”

The Drop Out Prevention Program is funded by the state and students participating in the program can be counted toward attendance. Richardson noted that he knows of 10 students that dropped out last year interested in participating in the program. Participating students will attend night classes one night a week, either Tuesday or Thursday. Students must keep a calendar to document that they are spending at least three hours a day on their…


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