Spring cleanup begins in Knott Co.


It looks like spring is arriving early in Eastern Kentucky, and spring cleaning will soon begin across Knott County. Ecology Director Teresa Cornett and Governmental Services Director Greg Mullins shared in- formation with the Times this week about upcoming cleanup efforts.

The first event in the statewide Commonwealth Cleanup Week, scheduled for March 18-25. It is the 19th anniversary of this week-long event, which is designed to encourage communities to “spring clean,” recycle, and be more aware of personal responsibility in maintaining a clean environment.

“This is not our county cleanup period, when non-profits can earn cash per mile of roadside litter pickup,” advised Teresa Cornett. “We’ll still have that later this spring.” However, the statewide effort does give civic, religious and nonprofit organizations a chance to win one of six $100 prizes. To be eligible, groups must register through their local solid waste coordinator, and complete a cleanup project near the week of March 18-25. For more information, contact Teresa Cornett at 785-4115.

“This statewide event is a good opportunity for us to get a jump on our cleanup,” Greg Mullins remarked. “We have already started a push to clean up illegal dumps and cite those responsible. We’ve had problems this winter with dumps developing in some areas, and we’re working hard to take care of that. County Police Officer Nelson Reynolds has been part of the effort to control and clean up illegal dumps. We have issued several citations in the last month.

“We want to keep a clean county, and we are enforc- ing our solid waste ordinance, which states that residents at every home must be paying a garbage bill. We have a cheap garbage pickup rate compared to other counties. There is no reason anyone should create an illegal dump, because we are here to help. If anyone needs large items hauled to the transfer station, we will come and pick them up — all you have to do call us. The only requirement is that your home is in the solid waste pickup system and you’re current on your bill. We’d much rather have residents call and ask for help than see them haul things to some secluded area where we’ll have…

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