Family loses home, pet in fire

Fire destroyed the home of Frank Jacobs of Pippa Passes Saturday, leaving three residents displaced. Nothing remains of the interior of the home.



Frank Jacobs and his family are still feeling the pain of a fire Saturday that claimed their home and property. Also lost was the beloved family pet, a terrier dog named “Puppy.” No one was seriously injured in the fire but attempts to save the little terrier failed.

Firefighters from three fire departments rushed to Trace Caney Road in Pippa Passes to battle the blaze around 2 p.m Saturday. Fire gutted the house but crews contained the fire from spreading to other homes and properties. The cause of the fire was believed to be electrical.

Jacobs’ daughter Angela Jacobs told the Times her dad and two of his friends finished lunch and walked outside. A few minutes after they began working on a car, one of the men looked up and observed smoke coming out of the roof of the Jacobs home. Frank grabbed the water hose, soaked himself, and took the hose inside the burning house. He said when he turned the main breaker off in the bedroom flames and smoke were everywhere. Frank grabbed a pillow, soaked himself again and laid on the floor trying to get to the little dog.

People feared for Frank’s life as the fire raged all around and they dragged him from the burning inferno. Angela said he probably should have sought medical attention for his burned hand and smoke inhalation but he was “in shock” and heartsick losing his companion.

Only a shell of melted siding remains of what was the family home for 20 years. The wood home was built nearly a hundred years ago and when Frank bought it he put siding over the wood framed house.

“To Dad everything is still a blur, losing everything he had, as did my sister Autumn and her boyfriend Carl (Thornsberry),” said Angela. “But he really is sort of still in shock losing his dog and all the knick knacks, pictures, and things…

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